Grace Rim

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GRACE RIM  -  love is all I need  -  May 2011



listing live ..resolve40.. by Mark Wiener


May 4 to 26

“a commitment to love and to the energy of life  . . .  an absoluteness that defies any challenge.” Robert C. Morgan

“love is all I need” is Grace Rim’s first solo exhibition in NYC since 2008 and displays her continuing interest in the tactile sensation of the topic of love.  It is about how the artist perceives an image of this, the most compelling human need, and how it has stayed in her mind as how one should flow with time and life.

Grace Rim is a Korean-American painter and multimedia artist, who creates paintings that involve tearing and sewing the surface as a form of time-realization in the process of self-renewal.  Circles in her work are the cycles of life and the continuity of life and veils represent purity, spiritual awakening, and a new divine beginning.  Her digital prints and video work are part of her performance pieces and, as with her other work, they relate to her daily life, emotion and a meditative mind, which she would like to achieve.



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