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Occupy Wall Street, an Installation and Direct Democracy Environment


Tapping into the energy, directness and ethical clarity of Occupy Wall Street, Cyphers has transformed CREON into an installation that exposes some false idols and expresses some true ideals.  Inviting the public, those that wish to make any kind of response to the present status of the 1 percent world will be recorded and broadcast live at the opening.  These one minute public soliloquies and mini-performances will be blogged, uploaded, posted, liked and shared.

From childhood Monopoly games enjoyed as children to a world where our lives are touched every day by the brothers Koch, shadowy billionaires flexing their vast fortune to wield economic and political influence solely to add to their unimaginable wealth.  Where did we go wrong?  Peggy Cyphers does not have the answer but is eager to keep the discussion rolling, pull back the curtain, find our bearings, and see where the path out might be.

NEA Award winning artist, writer, curator, and Pratt faculty member, Peggy Cyphers has had more than 25 individual exhibitions of her work.

Alan Lupiani takes on the role of MC and news reporter to the art world. He has recently participated in the "No Comment" Art Show at the JP Morgan Building in response to Occupy Wall Street.

November 10 to December 14, 2011

Please call or text 646-265-5508 for gallery hours.
Typical hours are Tuesday and Wednesday evenings but are subject to change.

Please e-mail norm@creongallery.com to receive
timely information on FUTURE EXHIBITIONS.

CREON, 238 East 24 Street, 1B, New York, NY 10010  646.265.5508